We often hear from our customers that we have the best burgers in Kona, but many don't know what we do to make our burgers so good. We thought we'd let you know:

1) Fire grilled over lava rocks. Repeat, fire grilled! The burgers' juices make their own smoky flavors when they hit the lava rocks beneath them, and they don't soak in their own grease like they do when you cook them on a flat top.

2) Buns. We butter and toast every single bun. Oh, and our buns are Hawaiian sweet bread buns from Punalu'u Bake Shop, located right here on the Big Island. We call them Hawaiian MSG, as they make ALL of our burgers and sandwiches taste better! On a side note, be sure to go there and get their lilikoi mal...

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Going to see lava is the best thing to do when you visit the Big Island of Hawai'i, but not many people know that the best place on the planet to look at the night sky with unaided human eyes is located here too. If you go up to the Visitors Center on the flank of Mauna Kea at sunset, you'll be treated to a night sky like you've never seen before (if the moon isn't up, that is). Our island is 2500+ miles (3548 kilometers) from any dust source, so our air is really clean here. Combine that with the center's altitude of 9000 feet (3000 meters) so you're above roughly 80% of the Earth's atmosphere, the limited light pollution, and the fact that we're so far south that we can not only view al...

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